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Disaster Recovery Services

Got a computer or pc network disaster on your hands? Don't panic, call your Tech Special Forcesİ immediately!

Emergency technology installation services are just an e-mail or phone call away. Equipment can often be delivered within hours of your phone call.

Unexpected Service for Unexpected Disaster

A disaster often happens at the worst possible time. Network crash, fire, floods and theft are the most common disasters to shut down a business. If you have a disaster and need equipment fast, contact Tech Special Forcesİ. In most cases, some computer equipment will arrive at your designated location within a few business hours of your phone call.

Hardware Relocation Service

If your current business location was damaged beyond use, Tech Special Forcesİ can help you relocate your technology. Engineers, cable guys and installers work together to set up your temporary or permanent facility anywhere in the United States or Canada. Everything you need to get your computer network back up to full speed immediately.

Fast Response Time is TSF Priority

Tech Special Forcesİ know if you are recovering from a disaster, theft or other network outage, time is the top priority! Within minutes of your web inquiry, phone call or email, your server and network configuration is reviewed by our engineering staff. Final specifications are put into the hands of Tech Special Forces and equipment is located.

Often, some equipment can be delivered within four business hours of an order confirmation.

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