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Tech Special Forces Report: Replace 8 Year old CCTV Security Camera SystemsCCTV DVR Security Camera Surveillance System

If you installed cameras eight or more years ago, some of the CCTV recordings may be no longer good enough for use as evidence in court.

A report to an unnamed city security committee includes the following statements:

- Our old VHS SECURITY camera systems are now in a "shocking" state"
- The 8 year old CCTV VHS systems are beginning to fail and the quality of the recordings are leading to difficulty in being used as evidence.
-Although the system, still works, there are fears that it could fail without warning.
-Many cameras are having to be replaced as maintenance is no longer possible. We need the latest security camera technology DVR, digital video recorders.
-DVRs allow "remote" monitoring of the security camera system via the internet to allow the police direct access to the cameras.
- To sumarize the Security Camera situation is "Alarming and shocking" and that the situation posed "a severe risk to public safety".

Tech Special Forces recommend replacing your CCTV Security Camera Surveillance System if it is still VHS

The arguments in favor of digital recording compared with traditional VCR recording include:

• Excellent image qualityCCTV DVR Security Camera Surveillance System
• Superior search functionality
• Eliminate VHS tape management
• Automated storage of images
• Network compatibility for flexible image access, distribution, remote monitoring and integration with other systems
• Triplex operation is possible (simultaneous view, record and replay)

A DVR records images to a hard disk drive. This provides higher quality image reproduction with little noise or picture degradation. Another major benefit is the ease and speed when searching for a specific image (by camera, date, time, text and alarm) without having to stop recording.

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