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Tech Special Forces - Remote Office Computing Services

Network Design
Remote Office Networking is making major inroads in SMB as well as enterprises. All businesses need to increase user productivity to keep up with trends and competition. Remote office computing means your employees can be more productive because they have access to the company network at a branch office, a hotel or even at home.

Hire An Engineer to assist you with your network technology goals.

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Tech Special Forces have an army of engineers, installers and technicians to assist you wherever your remote office computing project demands.

Tech Special Forces will:

-assist in the design and implementation of firewalls that protect networks, and secure users whether they're in a home office, hotel room or even overseas at an airport.

-provide you with a cost analysis of VPNs vs. Citrix or Terminal Services to evaluate and recommend what’s best for your particular situation.
-deploy qualified engineers to implement authentication and authorization systems for core-quality protection.
-implement deployment of remote-centric backup and testing of disaster recovery plans.
-create reliable voice and data connections, even via VoIP, provide communications services to mobile workers and enable them to be more productive forecast and control the cost of collaboration and team projects.

If your company needs a solid remote office computing solution, contact Tech Special Forces toll free 877-422-1907 for a teleconference or via email

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